Foundations Of SEO

Before understanding the true basics of Search Engine Optimization, your website needs security. Without strong foundations, your SEO efforts will be fruitless. Before investing any significant time or effort into search engine optimization, it could be worth getting a Penetration test for your website. penetration testing, or a pen test, is a simulation of someone hacking your site, which follows a certain framework of tools to try and gain access to your website.

What is the benefit of securing your website (using penetration testing)?

CREST provides this framework and the certification to the organizations that actually perform the so-called crest penetration testing. The main benefit it brings is to provide regulation for pen tests being performed, as well as to its testers.

Extra information about crest penetration testing available through providers.

A pen test will verify how effective your online security controls are, under your permission. The test gives you insight and you will find out how you can improve your website against a cyber attack.

How does a website get ranked highly on search engines such as google?

There are two ways a website can appear among the first results of a search engine result page: search engine optimization, or SEO, and pay per click, or PPC.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of analyzing, enhancing, and optimizing a website code, formatting, and content, as well as external inbound links, in order to gain so-called "organic" positions in the search engine result pages.

Search engines such as Google and Bing are driven by algorithms that control what results are displayed. Through countless hours of analysis, SEO agencies can provide optimization services to help your website to be displayed higher among the results.

While SEO can be performed at a very low, nearly free cost, finding an agency to perform SEO services for your company ensures consistent results without damaging your online presence. They can also gauge the resources and time needed to do the necessary work to place your website among the first results of the first page.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click is a faster approach because it allows your website to be displayed above the "organic" results from a search. However, as its name points, that comes at a higher price. For each click, you pay a certain amount that varies according to what search the person made and the competition among other advertisers.

PPC allows a business to arrive immediately to the top of the first page without needing to wait for the optimization process. A well optimized PPC campaign is as close to a money-printing machine as you will ever get. All you need to know is how much you spend on your campaigns and how much is your customer value. As long as you make more money than you spend, the sky is the limit when running a PPC campaign.

How does someone maintain high rankings?

SEO is an ongoing process because other websites are also doing it. This is why you need to continuously add new content, review your rankings and how your customers find your site, and keep on marketing your website on the internet. These three principles should be your guide in maintaining your website's high rankings.